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hello! this is a friends locked journal. all fanfiction, drabbles and stories will be friends locked after 96 hours, or four days. it's not that i've been stolen from before, but i have friends that have been stolen from, and i don't want any of my stories or fanfics to be stolen from. so, this is a friends post.

a little bit about me. i live in Canada, and i'm a little young, but that doesn't stop me from reading as much nc-17 smut as a i want. my name is Eve, short for Genevieve, but you can call be Evie, Eve, Cinqie or whatever you really think would fit me. i am an ELF and a BEAUTY, but i am more of an ELF than anything else, so i will be writing them the most.

my Super Junior bias is Kibum. yeah, the one that has gone to do his acting career and hasn't done anything since Don't Don. but for some reason, i can't help but like him, even if he doesn't come back for the next album. his smile, laugh, and acting skills are angelic and beautiful. Kibum can always bring a smile to my face, and unlike a lot of other people in this fandom, i don't have five or six biases for the fandom.

my second bias, as i only have three, is Siwon and his delicious abs. i've really liked him since the beginning, maybe because of how polite he was and his hand motions, that when Kibum isn't in the show i'll watch him. his singing skills, though a lot of people say they don't exist, bring tears to my eyes and he always turns a performance fun and cheery. his acting skills i realized after kibum's, and i'm currently trying to watch as many of the dramas with SJ in them as possible (but it's hard, i'll say).

my last bias is shindong. there's something about him that makes me adore him a lot more than the rest of the members of SJ. i'm happy that he's getting married but at the same time, quite jealous. haha.

my OTP is SiBum, so if you like that pairing, then well, you'll like my lj. i adore those two, and i wish that they got more interactions together or maybe starred in a drama together, because they are the sweetest! i also ship shinmin, kangteuk, sihankichul, sihan, kichul, hanchul and blohyuk. and i ship zhou mi with anyone (don't ask why - i can't explain it).

so if you want to read some of my fanfics, or you just want to be my friend, fill this out:

1. Name/Country
2. otps/fandoms
3. biases!
4. favorite song
5. where did you find me?
6. anything you want to say?

thanks! and enjoy reading!
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