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housewives: dancing out

Title: Housewives: Dancing Out
Fandom: SJ+M
Pairings: OT14+Shindong/Nari + minho!(SiBum, KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, ShinRi, HaeHyuk, KyuMin, ZhouRy)
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Romance
A/N: finally updated
Summary: When Ryeowook and Leeteuk bet that their dorms can't live a week without their help with cleaning and cooking, and the two dorms rise to the challenge. Because they are Super Junior! But how long can they last?
Chapters: Hey,I'm Mr. Simple | I wanna knock out

dorm #11: Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Zhou Mi and Henry
dorm #12: Leeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Hankyung, Donghae, Kibum, Siwon.

dorm 11
The dorm comes home after a lengthy practice and opens up their cupboards, looking for something to eat. It's bare. Eunhyuk sighs, collapsing on the floor and clutching his aching stomach, that begs for food. Kyuhyun kicks him away, looking around for his secret stash of StarCraft treats. When he realizes it's finished, he clutches onto his stomach, rolling around like Eunhyuk. Sungmin sighs, leaning into Shindong, resisting his intense hunger to be strong.

"What's the problem?" Henry asks, poking his head out from his room. Zhoumi follows, wearing oddly a University of Toronto t-shirt and some short shorts. The two walk hand-in-hand to the kitchen, inspecting the rolling-bros on the floor. "We ran out of food~~" Eunhyuk whines, looking up at Zhoumi with pleading eyes. The Chinaman rolls his eyes, and turns to Sungmin, the boss.

"How about we go shopping? It is Shindong and my task, after all. Then we can feed these two and hopefully bring them back to life." Sungmin raises an eyebrow, watching Henry kick Kyuhyun's head.

"Why didn't you two go buy something when we were out? You guys did have three hours," Sungmin asks, crossing his arms. Shindong laughs. Zhoumi's cheeks turn pink. Zhoumi grabs Henry's hand and pulls him back into the room. They reappear a few minutes later, dressed and ready to buy some groceries.

Shindong, as his jobs says, comes along, and Eunhyuk, hoping that he might get to see Donghae, tags along. Yesung, like he had been doing for the past few days, goes off to his room to sulk with his turtles. Sungmin watches him and sighs, turning to Kyuhyun who has a smirk on his face.

"So boss, what do you want me to do now?" he asks, leaning in and licking Sungmin's earlobe.


"Yinhe-gege, you driving it too fast!" Zhoumi screamed, trying to catch up with the speeding cart. Henry raised an eyebrow. "How can you drive a cart, Mi-gege?" Henry asked in Chinese. Zhoumi sighed, smiling because the cart was finally slowing down. He stopped to catch his breath.

"I'm not driving it fast! And stop speaking in Chinese! I can barely understand!" Eunhyuk screams at them, getting glares from the shop owner. Zhoumi sighs, and Henry kisses him on the cheek, hoping that that will help him out. Zhoumi and Henry follow Eunhyuk, telling him that they can't buy fish because it's too expensive.

"Shindongie~" Nari calls, and instead of helping Zhoumi, Shindong wanders over and leads her to the bread aisle.

Zhoumi and Henry get their own cart, Eunhyuk gets his own cart, and Shindong gets a few kisses from his girlfriend. Zhoumi and Henry fill up with the necessities, like milk and bread and instant ramen, and Eunhyuk gets gummies and chips for him and Kyuhyun.

Zhoumi finishes making dinner for Shindong, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Henry. Sungmin and Kyuhyun don't seem to want to leave their room, so Zhoumi doesn't disturb them.

dorm 12
Donghae sighs. Why is it, out of the members in dorm 12, that he's the one that gets bullied the most by Heechul? He lays back on the couch, happy that the place looks clean, but mad that no one helped him, and Eunhyuk isn't answering his phone either. Donghae, therefore, doesn't feel like living. He hears sounds from Heechul's room, and covers his ears.

"Make it stop!" he screams. "Make what stop?" Siwon asks, entering with his arm over Kibum. Seeing the couple, he stomps out of the dorm, calling Eunhyuk again, demanding skinship.

Siwon places a kiss on Kibum's lips. "We should probably let him be. He hasn't seen Eunhyuk for two days, now, since Heechul keeps bossing him around." Kibum nods, watching his best friend run out the room. He just hopes that everything will be alright.

Donghae swears. Eunhyuk didn't pick up. He calls the next number on his registry - Minho. The SHINee member picks up immediately. Donghae doesn't care if he's in Japan or whatever - just needing to hear the other's soothing voice before he has to go do something else.

"Hyung?" Minho asks, worry littering his voice. Donghae guesses it's just natural - he usually doesn't call him. Donghae sits outside the elevators. When Donghae doesn't hear, Minho coughs. "I'll be right there."

The SHINee member appears five to seven minutes later. He hugs Donghae, pulling him back onto his feet, brushing the chocolate hair. "Shh," Minho says, his fingers wrapping around Donghae's shoulder blades.

"Come on, let's get back to your dorm." Minho presses the door to the elevator, and after a few seconds of waiting, one arrives and brings them back to dorm 12. Siwon and Kibum see them from the couch, and wave, knowing not to bug them. Kangin looks at them from his coffee mug, aware that all the other members are afraid to talk to the appa of suju because of his current Teukie-withdrawl.

Donghae sits down on his bed. "Can you kill Heechul for me? He's always bossing me around and because I'm not part of his foursome with Siwon and Kibum and Hankyung. I hate it! And whenever I need to talk to Hyukkie, he doesn't reply, and ugh!" Donghae pouted, resting his head on Minho's shoulder. The SHINee member smiled.

"Are you close to Kibum and Hankyung?" Donghae nodded. "Well, if you can get them to work, then maybe the other members might be more willing to help."

Donghae looked up at him and smiled. "I knew I could trust you!"

Minho laughed, accepting the hug, but soon stood up. "I gotta go - Onew might get worried if I stay out to long."

Donghae nodded and smiled, watching as Minho parted.

why is donghae like this? i dunno. he misses his monkey i guess.
so minho this chapter, and we've done eunhyuk's chapter, eeteuk's chapter, and donghae's chapter. shouldn't it be kangin, then, next chapter? guess who he brings, and get ready for a pissy appa!
Tags: fandom: sj, length: chaptered, pairing: haehyuk, pairing: hanchul, pairing: kangteuk, pairing: kyumin, pairing: shinri, pairing: sibum, pairing: yehwook, pairing: zhoury, sj: donghae, sj: eunhyuk, sj: hankyung/hangeng, sj: heechul, sj: kangin, sj: kibum, sj: kyuhyun, sj: shindong, sj: siwon, sj: sungmin, sj: yesung, sjm: henry
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