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complications [1/?]

Title: Complications
Main Pairings: KyuMin, HyukHae, HyukMin
Side Pairings: ZhouRy, HanChul, KangTeuk, JayMo, SunSun
Pairings in Later Chapters: SiBum, YeWook, Jino/Jonghyun
Rating: PG-13 usually, R for this chapter
Warnings: Blowjobs, HyukMin!incest, girl!Teukie
A/N: The incest will end, I promise. And don't kill me for writing KyuMin.
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun works in IT for his boss, Kim Youngwoon, the rich business man. He isn't special. He fixes Kibum's computer when it's broken, screams at Yesung daily, buys things from Ryeowook's 'bakery'. When Kyuhyun is hired by Youngwoon to turn his son Sungmin 'straight', he realizes that things in the Kim family are weirder than they seem. Like a secret band, son on the loose, and two boys that experiment on each other. But while he's trying to turn Sungmin straight, he realizes that he's falling for him.

“Mr. Kim wants to see you when you’re settled,” Yesung told him, sipping on his black coffee, his eyes barely leaving his screen. Kyuhyun sighed, thanking Yesung and not thanking him at the same time, pushing the door open to his office.

It was cluttered and crazy, filled with papers and pens that would eventually end up somewhere, if Kyuhyun actually wanted to do something about them. His computer was still on from last night, and he hit the enter button twice to wake it. He sat back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling.

Mr. Kim was nice; sure, he guessed you could say that. But the raging alcoholic had his moody times, and Kyuhyun seemed to be the one he threw it on. Why the IT guy? He wasn’t entirely sure. Maybe if he screamed at someone intelligent, it may have more of an effect than if he screamed at someone stupid – like Donghae. Kyuhyun sighed, brushing his curly hair from his eyes, and sitting up.

“That means now, Kyuhyun!” Yesung’s voice called, and Kyuhyun took off his sunglasses and dug his hands into his pockets.

“Yeah, I know, I know,” he said, opening his office door and kicking the elder’s shin on the way over to his boss’ office. Eeteuk, Youngwoon's secretary/wife, gave him a small smile before sending him in. “He’s a little pissed today, Kyuhyun-ah. Be patient with him.”

Kim Youngwoon was a highly renowned business man. He came out from nowhere with new ideas and new possibilities, shaking up the market and bringing up South Korea’s worth. He’s met anyone who needs to be met, including Cho Kyuhyun, the most promising IT kid coming out of Seoul University (plus, he looked geeky to him, which worked). Kim Youngwoon gave him the job of fixing his and the rest of the people’s computers and screaming at stupid people when things didn’t work.

“Finally, Kyuhyun! What takes you so long to come to work, huh?” Youngwoon screamed. Kyuhyun sighed inwardly, taking a seat, crossing his leg over the other. Better just let him vent then try to reason to him that he came at eight fifty, just like every morning, just like it states in their contract that he feels like pulling out that instant, but just sits there, smiling prettily.

“Anyways, I don’t want to know. I brought you for a reason, not just to scream at you. And before you open that pretty little mouth of yours, I don’t feel like any spunk today.” Youngwoon sighed, rubbing the back of his neck while grabbing his cup of coffee that had, ‘Korea’s #1 Boss’ on it. “I brought you here for my son, actually, Sungmin.”

Kyuhyun raises an eyebrow. Youngwoon continues.

“As you may or may not know, he’s supposed to get married to Soonkyu in December. But he wants to call it off. You know why? He came out of the closet. My son is freaking gay!” Youngwoon landed a fist on the table, his coffee almost spilling everywhere. Kyuhyun did a good job of not flinching. Youngwoon sighed, screaming at Eeteuk to get him some more coffee.

He turned his attention back at the IT guy. “I want you to turn him straight before November 6th, okay? If you are successful, you get six months each year of days off.”

Kyuhyun liked the idea of six months off each year. He nodded. “Sure Head Dude, I’ll totally do it.”

Youngwoon smiled. “Good boy, Kyuhyun. Now run off, I think that Kibum’s computer is broken.”

Kyuhyun nodded, turning away to leave. He turned back. “Wait, what about your other son, Hyukjae? Isn’t he, you know, gay, too?” Youngwoon sighed, but he smiled.

“Don’t worry, I have someone on it.”

“May I ask who?”

“Lee Donghae from HR.”

- -

Jay fixed the microphone, patting it and doing a few sound checks. He smiled. Finally the blasted microphone was working! He looked around, and when he spotted no one, leaned into the microphone and sang a few lines of the song he was currently fixing up.

“That sounds awesome, Jay,” a voice said. He snapped around and saw Jungmo, fixing his guitar lazily. Jay rolled his eyes, walking over to the guitar player and pulled the guitar away. He set it down softly on the ground and settled himself on Jungmo’s lap, kissing his bottom lip, his hands going to Jungmo’s hips. Jungmo smirked into the kiss, running his hands up Jay’s shirt and his fingers dancing over his spine.

“Yo, break it up!” Zhoumi screamed, stepping onto the stage and dragging Jay off of Jungmo. Heechul smirked, walking onto the stage, sporting a guitar. Hankyung follows, looping his arm around Heechul’s waist before he can do his signature ‘hello kisses’ to Jungmo. Heechul rolls his eyes, but leans into his grasp, playing with the bassist’s fingers.

“Sungmin, you okay?” Zhoumi calls, beckoning the elder up. Kim Sungmin smiles and nods, looking down so that they can’t see the redness of his cheeks. He tries not to look at his child hood friends Jungmo and Jay, grabbing his guitar and sitting on the speaker next to Zhoumi, the second lead vocalist.

Sungmin looks around at their small group. They have Jay, the lead vocalist, and Heechul, the drummer, who is currently hugging Hankyung, the bassist, and then Zhoumi, the backup vocal, and finally him and Jungmo, the guitarists. It’s a pretty large group, added with Henry who sometimes plays the violin during Zhoumi’s solos, and Jino and Jonghyun, their managers. And the rich boy still wonders how they got together.

“When’s Henry coming?” Zhoumi asks.

“You always ask that!” Heechul screams at him, hitting him on the side of the head. When Zhoumi screams, Hankyung sighs, pressing a small kiss on Zhoumi’s lips to silence him. Heechul works Zhoumi’s legs, slowly pulling Zhoumi’s fly down—

“Guys?” Sungmin asks sheepishly. Hankyung and Heechul automatically fly off of him, apologizing. Jungmo rolls his eyes. Jay supresses a laugh. Sungmin sighs. And his dad wonders why he ended up being gay – it’s hard not to when you hang around people like him.

Thankfully, before things can get anymore awkward, Jino and Henry appear. Zhoumi flies off the stage, almost tripping over a few guitars, to hug the younger. Henry has to keep his arms out so that his violin doesn’t get broken. Jino takes the instrument from him, walking up to Jay and Jungmo. Sungmin smiles – the family is complete. Well, that’s what Heechul things of the 3J couple.

They settle on the stage. Zhoumi’s arms are around Henry, his head on Henry’s shoulder. Jino’s almost falling asleep in Jungmo’s lap, the guitarist’s fingers running through Jino’s hair. Jay watches them with a polite smile, holding onto Jungmo’s free hand. Beside Jay sits Hankyung and then Heechul, Heechul sitting on Hankyung’s lap. Jonghyun and Sungmin finish the circle. Jonghyun watches Jino, Sungmin watches the floor.

“Okay, so what happened so that Sungmin’s all depressed?” Jino asked. “We need him all happy, we get money that way,” he pouted, making Jay hit his face softly. The room erupted with laughter. Sungmin strummed his acoustic, shrugging.

“I told my dad I was gay yesterday. He freaked. Supposedly I’m gonna marry Soonkyu and that’ll be the end of me. I don’t want that,” Sungmin said, brushing his black hair from his eyes. Heechul sighed.

“Your dad sucks. You should leave him and elope!” Hankyung laughs. “That’s what we did,” the Chinaman adds.

“Supposedly, he got a guy that’s gonna turn me straight. Cho Kyuhyun from IT.” Zhoumi laughs, Sungmin stops strumming.

“You should turn him gay! Simple!” Zhoumi says, his nose nuzzling Henry’s nape. Henry wiggles in delight.

Sungmin smirks and nods. He leaves, carrying his guitar bag, leaving the others to rape each other or whatever they did when Sungmin wasn’t there.

- -

Hyukjae is waiting for him when he arrives. He presses a chaste kiss on his lips, making Sungmin beg for more, but his brother turns away, dragging them to the bathroom where they share a bath together, a mess of limbs and tangled kisses. Sungmin knows this is wrong – but the dancer’s moves bring him to a new high, sharing kisses under the water.

Hyukjae pulls away and dries Sungmin off, letting the water drain from the bathtub. Hyukjae is great at giving blowjobs.

The phone interrupts everything. The tune that Soonkyu put onto his phone rings from the discarded pair of jeans, and Sungmin sighs, pulling himself out of the bathroom to answer the phone.

“Hello is this Sungmin?” a voice asks. It’s smooth like chocolate.

“Yeah,” Sungmin says, almost choking because Hyukjae has started sucking him off again, and it’s hard to breathe.

“Where do you wanna meet? I have a few minutes off,” the voice asks. Sungmin swallows the lump in his throat, feeling the tongue slide up—

“Anywhere is fine,” he manages, not daring to look down to complain to his brother. Over the phone, the voice schedules the date. When Sungmin closes the phone, Hyukjae gives him one final lick and swallows the load.

“You should probably take a shower before you go,” he says, running his hair through Sungmin’s distraught hair.

“Shut up.”

you guys like it?
i'll be doing a chapter for housewives, yes,but I just wondered if this works for any of you.
and kyumin icon ftw! (even though i have a qmi icon too)
Tags: fandom: sj, length: chaptered, pairing: haehyuk, pairing: hanchul, pairing: kangteuk, pairing: kyumin, pairing: zhoury, sj: donghae, sj: eunhyuk, sj: hankyung/hangeng, sj: heechul, sj: kangin, sj: kyuhyun, sj: leeteuk, sj: sungmin, sj: yesung, sjm: henry, sjm: zhou mi
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