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housewives : mr. simple

housewives : mr.simple
OT14 + Shindong/Nari | PG-13 | bad language | humor, fluff | chaptered
when Ryeowook and Leeteuk bet that their dorms can't live a week without their help with cleaning and cooking, and the two dorms rise to the challenge. because they are shuper junior! but how long can they last?

dorm #11: Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Zhou Mi and Henry
dorm #12: Leeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Hankyung, Donghae, Kibum, Siwon

dorm 11
"Ryeowook!" Kyuhyun cried from the kitchen table, his eyes glued on killing the machines that were currently zoning on his ships. Beside him sat Eunhyuk, who typing defensively on his computer, looking around to make sure that Heechul or Jongwoon wouldn't pop out of nowhere and steal it from him. The maknae screamed out again, "Ryeowook!", this time much more angered than the first time.

"Would you quiet down?" Sungmin called from the living room. "Zhou Mi and I are trying to watch a drama here! Pause your stupid game and find him if he's so important!" The ravenette sighed and turned back to his drama, arms folded over his chest as he watched as the two love interests kissed in the rain, the OST kicking in.

"Lixu-gege?" Henry called, covering 'that area' with a pair of jeans and looking around sheepishly. He stood by his and Zhou Mi's shared room, looking around the room for the smaller male. Shindong raised an eyebrow, his left hand holding the phone, somehow being able to hear Nari on the other side with all this chaos. Eunhyuk burst out laughing at the sight of Henry with shaking legs. "Ryeowook!" Kyuhyunn screamed again, his fingers moving over the keyboard.

Yesung appeared at the door, carrying pet food for his turtles. His eyes grew wide at the scene just a few feet away from him. He rushed to his and Ryeowook's shared room to go talk to his turtles and feed them, dodging Sungmin's flailing on the couch when a secondary character confessed to the girl that was supposed to go with the main character.

"RYEOWOOK!" Kyuhyun screamed, actually pausing his StarCraft to stand up and scan the room for the eternal maknae of Super Junior. "Where is he?" he asked Henry, pointing, ignoring the fact that Henry only had a t-shirt on and was covering his private area with his jeans. "I-I don't know, Kuixian-gege," he replied.

"Awn, Henri, you're adorable!" Zhou Mi cooed from the couch, the commercials of Tiffany dancing on the screen filling the dorm. Sungmin turned to face Kyuhyun. "Stop screaming at Henli-ah and find him yourself!" he growled, his eyes turning to slits. Henry's cheeks turned pink and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "Ryeowook!" he called again, going down the hallway of their rooms.

"Yes?" Ryeowook asked from the kitchen, his hair tied up in a pony-tail and a vacuum in his left hand. He slipped an earphone out of his ear. His mouth dropped at the sight of the dorm, and he almost fainted. Six heads turned to face him, "Make us some lunch please?" they asked in unison. Ryeowook sighed and started making lunch.

dorm 12
"Kangin! You can't leave your clothes lying around your room like that! What if Hankyung tripped on them?! What if he broke his leg and had to go back to China to get treatment and we wouldn't be able release our next album on time? You have to think about these things!" Leeteuk screamed at Kangin, who was currently lounging on the couch, legs lying on the coffee table. Kangin rolled his eyes, and pulled the blonde in for a kiss. "There, stop worrying, would ya?"

Leeteuk pouted, crossing his arms and kicking Kangin's legs. "That won't work for me! Now, I cleaned up your mess today, but next time, you won't get anything unless you pick them up!" Leeteuk walked off, entering the kitchen, where he saw Heechul's naked back to him (which wasn't that new). He tapped his shoulder, "Heechul-ah, I wanted to ask about that video that ended up on Yout-"

He was cut off when he saw Hankyung and Donghae tied up, covered in chocolate sauce and cherries in their mouths. And naked. Leeteuk covered his eyes, shaking his head in order to remove the image from his mind. "They were very naughty during Super Junior-M. I'm just punishing them. Want to join?" Jungsu shook his head. He heard Heechul's laugh from beside him. "Okay, you're missing out."

Jungsu ignored the cries for Eunhyuk coming from Donghae as he rushed to see what the other two members of their dorm were doing.

Siwon's head raised from Kibum's neck when Leeteuk entered. "Hello, Leeteuk-hyung," he said calmly. A script lay in Kibum's hands, and Kibum sat on Siwon's lap, a very sweet and romantic pose. Leeteuk smiled - he could always trust these two to be doing their best. "You guys alright?" he asked, closing the door softly behind him.

A smile appeared on Kibum's face. "Could you act with us? We need you to be a dead person for us that we attack. We're being cannibals this time," Siwon asked. Leeteuk's eyes grew round. "Or you could join us in a bible reading," Kibum added, poking Siwon's side and kissing the model's jaw. "No, it's okay. You guys have fun." Leeteuk bowed and left the couple in peace, sighing and running a hand through his blond hair.

As he was going to get the mop out to clean the mess Heechul made in the kitchen, he heard a knocking on the door. Kangin opened it, and Leeteuk said thank you, only to see a franctic-looking Ryeowook run into the dorm. "Leeteuk-hyung! I need your help, please!" Jungsu sighed and brought him to his and Heechul's shared room.

"What is it, Wookie?" he asked, hugging the small, shaking frame.

"It's my dorm! They're so crazy! They run around screaming, or they're playing games, or they're watching dramas or laughing at each other! And then they find me when I'm cleaning and ask for something to eat or help with homework or for me to clean something and -ahh!" He face-palmed, and Leeteuk patted his back soothingly.

"I know what you mean. Kangin never helps me, some appa he is. And Heechul is always scarring one of the members, and Siwon and Kibum I'm sure are planning some religious apocalypse. Hankyung is the only one that really helps me, but he's always getting distracted by someone else... Sometimes I want a day off and let them fend for themselves."


"Ryeowook-ah! You know what? We shouldn't let them treat us like their housewives any longer! How long do you think it'll take them to ask for our help again?" A smile appeared on Ryeowook's lips. "Less than a week." Leeteuk chuckled. "Let's do it." He grabbed his cellphone, calling a familiar number.

later on in dorm 11
"Hyung!" Kyuhyun groaned as he was forced to stop his game for a 'Super Junior Meeting'. Leeteuk and Ryeowook stood at the front, beaming at their fellow Suju members. "Quiet, Kyu. Now, Ryeowook and I are very annoyed by the way you've been treating us. We are not your slaves!" The group groaned. "So, we will be staying at the TRAX dorm. You guys will have to clean and cook for yourselves. You will have to work together!"

Ryeowook smiled and nodded. "When you can't handle it anymore, you can call us. You'll have two rescues, but by the third one, it'll be obvious that you need us, and we'll return to the dorm. If it's less than a week, we win. If it's more than a week, you win. Understand?" The group nodded slowly.

"Can I stay with Nari?" Shindong asked. "No," Leeteuk replied, crossing his arms.

Kangin smiled. "This'll be easy! I'll just ask Mimi and Min to come to our dorm to clean every few days, and I'll be fine with Hankyung's cooking!" Ryeowook smirked. "That's the thing, you can only use the people from your dorm. So you can't borrow Zhou Mi-gege for a day. You have to use your own people."

Kyuhyun crossed his arms around his head, "Still easy." Leeteuk smiled, "And everyone has to participate. If we get a call from Eunhyuk saying you didn't participate, Kyuhyun, we will take away your StarCraft for two months." Kyuhyun sighed.

Once everyone finished asking their questions, Leeteuk and Ryeowook left the dorm, and the dorm 12 group went back to their dorm. Henry blinked, looking around. "So.. what do we do now?" A smile appeared on Eunhyuk's face.

"I know who we can call."

- -
end of chapter 1!

a/n: this will be.. 15 parts? not sure yet
a/n2: every chapter will be another hit song from Super Junior.
a/n3: hope you enjoy and will enjoy! i'll update a soon as i can.
a/n4: friends only
Tags: fandom: sj, length: chaptered, pairing: haehyuk, pairing: hanchul, pairing: kangteuk, pairing: kyumin, pairing: shinri, pairing: sibum, pairing: yehwook, pairing: zhoury, sj: donghae, sj: eunhyuk, sj: hankyung/hangeng, sj: heechul, sj: kangin, sj: kibum, sj: kyuhyun, sj: leeteuk, sj: ryeowook, sj: shindong, sj: siwon, sj: sungmin, sj: yesung, sjm: henry, sjm: zhou mi
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